Didier van de Velde speaks at the Mobility Committee of the Belgian Federal Parliament

News - 29 June 2021 - Webredactie

Didier van de Velde recently spoke at the invitation of the Mobility Committee of the Belgian Federal Parliament about the 4th Railway Package. Two themes were discussed during the hearing. How can Belgium best implement the liberalisation of passenger rail transport? Which reforms are appropriate to maximise the potential of the market opening?

Van de Velde compared the positioning of different forms of organisation. He mentioned lessons from 30 years of rail market operations in Great Britain in relation to the forthcoming market reforms there. The need for coordination within the railway chain was also discussed. He concluded with a number of statements on the supply of services, long-term planning and tendering. He informed the committee that the most successful examples are those of countries and railways that have a clear vision of supply and match investments in infrastructure and rolling stock on this accordingly

Watch Didier van de Veldeā€™s contribution to the hearing here (from 1:41:23).