EU project SPATIAL

Towards a trustworthy governance and regulatory framework for AI-driven security in Europe

News - 01 September 2021 - Webredactie

Black box AI refers to AI systems that receive input and produce output without the end-user understanding. As inputs and outputs cannot be easily seen or understood, it can lead to issues within and across organisations. The EU-funded SPATIAL project (Security and Privacy Accountable Technology Innovations, Algorithms, and machine Learning) will address the challenges of black box AI and data management in cybersecurity. To do this, it will design and develop resilient accountable metrics, privacy-preserving methods, verification tools and system framework to pave the way for trustworthy AI in security solutions. In addition to this, the project aims to help generate appropriate skills and education for trustworthy AI in cybersecurity on both societal and technical aspects.

The SPATIAL project (circa 5 million EUR) is led by Dr. Aaron Ding (consortium coordinator) at TBM, starting from September 1st. Researchers involved at TU Delft include: Marijn Janssen, Roel Dobbe, Catholijn Jonker, Martijn Warnier. As Erasmus University Rotterdam is a key parter of SPATIAL, making the project a concrete connection in TU Delft’s Convergence initiative.