Fatemeh Ebadi joined ImPhys as PhD student

News - 18 March 2021 - Communication ImPhys

Fatemeh Ebadi joined us a PhD student. She will work on automatic camera adjustments for live television under supervision of Bernd Rieger.

Fatemeh will study and develop methods how to automatically combine the live-streams from many cameras for e.g. sport events. In particular for motor sport or football many cameras are used to capture the action from all angles and sides in real time. Currently this tasks is performed by manual “shaders” who control via a large board all settings either in a remote studio or an outside broadcast van. Automation of this complex task can be approached from two directions, either by modelling the signal chain and camera hardware models or by machine learning, that is learning the correct actions from examples of the manual shaders in a network.

Fatemeh Ebadi