First annual meeting of the Dutch inverse problems community

News - 23 November 2021 - Communication ImPhys

On 25 & 26 November 2021 the first annual meeting of the Dutch inverse problems community will be held. Jeroen Kalkman is one of the invited speakers and he will talk about imaging challenges in optical tomography. Eric Verschuur and Koen van Dongen are members of the organizing committee.

Jeroen Kalkman - Imaging challenges in optical tomography. In optical tomography light does not behave like straight pencil-like rays that X-rays do in X-ray computed tomography. Light propagation is strongly influence by diffraction, refraction, and scattering. When not properly taken into account in the system design and reconstruction algorithms these effects can severely affect the image quality in optical tomography. In this presentation I will show how some of these effects can be mitigated in hardware by applying optical sample clearing or physical measurement principles such as coherent and confocal gating. I will show how the effects of diffraction on the reconstructed image have been addressed through analytical theory of the optical point spread function combined with 2D image deconvolution in the reconstructed image. In addition, we have dealt with these effects through iterative reconstruction of the inverse problem discretising the object and the imaging geometry. We have solved the inverse problem in 2D, however challenges remain to solve the optical tomography diffraction in 3D for an extremely large data volume (>109 voxels).

Program and registration information can be found here.