Huangcheng Shangguan joined ImPhys as PhD student

News - 21 June 2021 - Communication ImPhys

Huangcheng Shangguan came from China and graduated from Shenzhen University with a Master’s degree in 2021, majoring in Optics Engineering. He joined ImPhys to pursue his PhD degree under the supervision of Jeroen Kalkman and Paul Urbach. He will be doing research on 3D and high-speed imaging of Integrated Circuits.

In his Master’s career, his research interests focused on the Optical Vortex and Computational Imaging. Specifically, his master thesis mainly describes the mode demultiplexing systems of vortex beams (or vector beams) based on Pancharatnam-Berry Optical Elements (PBOE) and two different Coherent Diffraction Imaging (CDI) methods based on a cylindrical lens and Dammann vortex grating, respectively.

Huangcheng Shangguan