Portrait Jelle Gilhuis

News - 23 June 2021 - Communication TNW

Commissioner of Public Relations, TG study association | Student

“Would I have joined the board of study association TG if I’d known what was going to happen? You bet I would! It wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I said ‘yes’ about a year ago, and obviously I’d rather have been partying with lots of students. But this has definitely been a good and unique experience. There’s something exciting about not following set plans and protocols. You have to be creative.

We’ve already been given a bit more freedom than most. There are sheets of paper on all the doors telling you how many people are allowed in the room at any one time. We’re allowed three. That feels like progress, as during the strict lockdown we were all stuck at home.

I’m delighted that so many restrictions are being lifted. The weather’s getting better too, so we can meet outside safely now. And we can do sports again, which is the mainstay of a lot of our activities. For example, we’re organising sports activities for our anniversary events and a sports day for first-year students. That is exactly what study associations are supposed to do: provide a platform for people to meet.

Personally, I’m embarking on a new phase in my life. First I have to pass the last course in my Bachelor’s degree programme, and in September I hope to start my Master’s in Chemical Engineering. I’m glad that we’ll probably be able to return to the campus next year. I did some of my courses online last year, but I didn’t find it easy. I’m looking forward to getting started properly again!”