Rubicon grant for two Applied Sciences researchers

News - 23 June 2021 - Communication TNW

Two (former) Applied Sciences researchers, Mario Avellaneda Sarrio (Bionanoscience) and Mario Gely (Quantum Nanoscience) have been awarded a coveted Rubicon grant by NWO.

The Rubicon grant enables young, promising researchers to do research at a top institution abroad. For many scientists, experience in a foreign country is an important step in their career.

These are the AS researchers who received a Rubicon and the research they will be doing with it:

Making quantum computers small again
Who? Mario Gely (Gary Steele group)
What? Quantum computers are growing ever larger, getting closer to fulfilling their potential, but if they already fill a whole room... they have to grow in a different way! This research aims to make a quantum computer fit on a chip.
Where? University of Oxford

Bioelectric patrolling against pathogens
Dr. M.J. Avellaneda Sarrio (Sander Tans group)
What? Immune cells need to navigate through the human body in search of pathogens, yet how they can migrate so efficiently remains unclear. The researcher will elucidate how local electric potential changes in cell membrane assist steering of immune cells during migration.
Where? Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Mario Gely

Mario Avellaneda