Simon Gröblacher appointed Full Professor

News - 18 February 2021 - Communication TNW

The Executive Board of TU Delft has decided to appoint Simon Gröblacher (Department of Quantum Nanoscience) as Full Professor of Quantum Physics.

Simon joined TU Delft in November 2014 and has focused his research on probing quantum effects in large mechanical systems using lasers and cryogenic systems. While Simon’s main research is centered around explorative quantum physics, he seeks to find real-world applications and to commercialize his research. “My dream is to one day be able to realize quantum states of a truly macroscopic system, something that we can see without using a microscope. This would allow us to not only answer fundamental questions in physics, but also enable novel quantum technologies.”

“I am really excited about this appointment and the recognition of my work. This is of course by no means my work alone, but the result of a lot effort with my group, other colleagues, and collaborators. I am proud of my group and I feel humbled to be able to work every day with such talented and motivated people. This is also what motivates me in my teaching – to bring excitement about physics and science to young people and to show them how stimulating research can be.”

“Reaching this milestone would have certainly not been possible without the support from everyone in the department and faculty, as well as my family – thank you!”

Simon Gröblacher

Professor / PI