Information regarding the coronavirus

Update 30 November 2021

Again, the government has announced additional measures to contain Covid-19. Fortunately, higher education remains open, in the daytime as well as in the evenings. The maximum group size of 75 persons remains in force. The working from home rule has been tightened to 'work at home, unless you really have no choice. Keep 1.5 metres distance wherever possible at work (excluding during educational activities).

We once again emphasise how important it is to comply with the basic measures. For the catering industry, amateur sport and non-essential shops, additional restrictive measures have been announced from 28 November. Catering and sports facilities will be closed from 17:00.

Any further details on how the new measures will work out will follow later.

The new measures will apply at least until 19 December. We therefore ask everyone on our campus to (continue to) observe the following measures:

  • Stay at home if you are showing symptoms and get tested, even if your symptoms are only mild. Check here what to do in case you or people around you become infected.
  • We expect all our students and staff on campus to wear a face mask when walking around buildings, including laboratories. That means when entering, when moving between rooms and when leaving a building. Once you are seated, face masks may be removed again. Microbiological, chemical and radiological laboratories are exceptions to this rule. Disposable or personal reusable face masks are not allowed there.
  • The maximum group size has been limited to 75 persons per independent room. This applies to all (educational) activities, including events, with the exception of exams. The maximum group size does not apply to passageways such as corridors. 
  • The maximum group size for graduation sessions and diploma presentations has also been limited to 75 persons; group sizes for PhD ceremonies have been limited to 30 persons. Subsequent receptions and drinks are only allowed for PhD ceremonies, with fixed seating and a maximum group size of 30 people. Additional restrictions may apply within specific buildings.
  • Work from home, unless there is no other option. Working on campus is done in consultation with your supervisor. The home working advice does not apply to employees who have to be on campus  on account of educational, research or other campus-based activities.
  • Faculty pubs are closed until at least 19 December.
  • Everyone should keep a distance of 1.5 metres wherever possible, outside of educational activities.
  • Use a self-test twice a week. Employees and students can order self-tests free of charge. More information at
  • Adhere to the basic measures to prevent the spread of viruses (e.g. wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, do not shake hands, sneeze and cough into your elbow).
  • At specific locations on the campus, such as at X and the Science Centre, you may be asked for your Covid Certificate.
  • Follow the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when travelling abroad. Return to the Netherlands well prepared by doing a travel check beforehand.
  • For students, travel is only permitted in the context of an internship or exchange programme, and to a selected number of countries in Europe.You can find more information here

We will of course remain alert to outbreaks and other developments, and will keep in close contact with municipal health service GGD.

In conclusion, this is a difficult time for all of us. Please know that you are not alone. If you are having a hard time, seek help. Our staff and students can always turn to their manager or study advisor for help.