ERC Advanced grants for TU Delft researchers

News - 22 April 2021 - Webredactie Communication

Two TU Delft researchers have been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. Bart De Schutter en Piet Van Mieghem will receive this European grant, which is awarded to five-year projects conducted by internationally established research leaders.

Bart De Schutter - Technology NL CLariNet A novel control paradigm for large-scale hybrid networks
In the future we will see more and more smart transport and energy networks. However, the online control of such large and complex networks is still far from optimal. Bart De Schutter has received an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Union to tackle this problem over the next five years.
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Piet Van Mieghem - ViSioN Virus Spread in Networks
During the corona crisis, theoretical insights suddenly became practice and revealed a number of shortcomings within traditional epidemiology. With his ERC Advanced Grant, Piet Van Mieghem hopes to gain important insights on how viruses spread in networks, which enable us to predict, manage and control future epidemics.
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