Olympic sailing boats and smart low-tech innovations are tested on the Proeftuin op de Noordzee

News - 01 July 2021

The coast of Scheveningen is mostly known for two types of visitors: beachgoers with umbrellas in the summer and New Year’s divers with Unox hats in the winter. A third visitor, the innovation-oriented entrepreneur, is like a fish on dry land… Right? Not at all, because all year round this ‘smartest part of the North Sea’ is run by Proeftuin op de Noordzee, an advanced test area of 10 by 10 nautical miles (18 by 18 kilometers) just off the coast of South Holland. It is unique in the world, because the exceptional environmental factors of water, wind and currents form a salty paradise for collecting, studying and sharing data. The perfect climate for entrepreneurs who want to test something, even on a stormy day. 

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