‘The market needs a quiet method for offshore pile-driving’

News - 03 March 2021

Increasing demand for renewable energy will lead to the large-scale construction of offshore wind farms in the coming decades. This will result in increased environmental damage for marine life, because anchoring wind turbines in the seabed is currently still a source of noise disruption. GBM Works, a TU Delft spin-off company, has developed a much quieter method of building offshore wind turbines, explains its founder and director Ben Arntz.

Arntz (31) is still wearing his orange vest when he appears in Microsoft Teams. Since recently, his company has been based in the Energy Solution Incubator in Utrecht, located in a former energy plant. It proved to be the ideal move for Arntz and his team, because he now has both office space and a large workshop in which to work on his machines and prototypes.

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