TU Delft Campus accelerates innovation

News - 14 October 2021

Not everyone is familiar with TU Delft Campus yet, a growing network of over 200 start-ups, businesses, research institutes and fieldlabs surrounding the TU Delft. With a recently launched campaign, both off- and online, TU Delft Campus is further introducing the innovators who are working on groundbreaking technologies that will impact our lives and society to you this fall.

In order to solve the complex challenges we are facing as a society, radical innovations are needed. But no business, start-up, research institute or government can develop these innovations on its own. That is why now, more than ever, we need to connect and collaborate to accelerate innovation. At TU Delft Campus, we strengthen, empower and activate this network into a true innovation ecosystem.

Meet the community pioneering for change via stories and movies that will be shared on www.tudelftcampus.nl

To already get a preview, make sure to watch the video below.

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