Kamel Hooman appointed Professor of Heat Transformation Technology

News - 10 May 2022 - Webredactie 3mE

Kamel Hooman has been appointed Professor of Heat Transformation Technology at the Process & Energy Department of the 3mE Faculty starting on April 1, 2022. He has broad expertise in the field of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. His research focuses on both fundamental and applied aspects of heat transformation as well as conversion and storage of renewable energy. Kamel combines theoretical, numerical, and experimental techniques with the aim of increasing the share of renewable energy and improving the efficiency of conventional systems.

Kamel graduated from The University of Queensland with Distinction (Dean's Award) and has extensive experience in working with the energy and mechanical engineering industry. In 2019, he was named Australia's Research Field Leader in Thermal Sciences. He received international acclaim for his achievements as Director of the Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence. He conducted pioneering research there on hydrogen fuel cells, supercritical heat exchangers, small-scale wind energy, and solar thermal systems with which he further developed the centre into the Renewable Energy Conversion Centre of Excellence in 2015. He is committed to educating the next generation of engineers as well as the general public. He is an editor for Heat Exchanger Design Handbook (Begell House) and an Associate Editor for International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. He edited two books Convective heat transfer in porous media and Solid-Liquid Thermal Energy Storage: Modeling and Applications, both published by CRC Press.

Kamel Hooman: "At the Renewable Energy Conversion Centre of Excellence in Queensland, I oversaw the work at the system and component level. Our research led to the full-scale demonstration of technologies such as a 20-metre-tall natural draft dry cooling tower and a 30 kW ground source heat pump. I take pride in mentoring young academics and practicing engineers to help them unleash their potentials and develop their careers. Furthermore, I see great value in educating the public and preparing the next generation for the challenges that lie ahead of us."