Odour Based Selective Recognition of Veterinary Diseases

News - 13 April 2022 - AgTech

Funding for Research on Odour Based Selective Recognition of Veterinary Diseases

When chickens in a farm become infected or have parasites, specific odours are produced. A cross-disciplinary team will combine innovative sensors, affinity layers, and machine learning to develop and test an electronic nose. This sensitive system can recognize a fingerprint of Volatile Organic Compounds and thus recognise specific diseases at an early stage, when (preventive) measures are most effective.

In this project TU Delft researchers Frans Widdershoven, Sten Vollebregt and Monique A. van der Veen will collaborate with veterinary health, industry, science professionals and societal organisations towards developing a practically applicable poultry health monitoring system to improve chicken and public health, general welfare and reduce antibiotics/chemicals use and the environmental impact of livestock farming. This project is recently awarded funding from NWA-ORC. Other granted NWA-ORC projects with TU Delft involvement can be found here.