60 years INDESEM in open book publication

News - 22 November 2022 - Communication BK

The International Design Seminar (INDESEM) has a long and fascinating history. Since the first edition in 1964, each INDESEM has brought students and professionals from all over the world together to explore one relevant architectural issue of their time – in the form of excursions, competitions, and lectures.

While INDESEM evolves and changes, depending on the people involved in its organization, each edition exposes current ideas and needs of the students: their views on architecture education, what they deem most relevant, and which designers inspire them. In return, INDESEM inspires educators and helps establish new ways of teaching in architecture.


This open book The International Design Seminar: Emergence, Development, and Interplay with the Education in Delft, composed by Valentin Zech (Master student Architecture in the Explore Lab), presents archive material, publications and interviews with some of the key personalities to tell this exciting story for the first time.

More information

  • INDESEM is a biennale, founded by a group of students in 1962 and reinitiated in 1986 by Herman Hertzberger. The biennale is hosted at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the Delft University of Technology. INDESEM has had the honor of hosting internationally acclaimed architects.
  • Please find the open publication here