BK-Archiprix selection 2023 announced

News - 28 September 2022 - Communication BK

At the closing ceremony of BK-Archiprix, the participants for the National Archiprix were announced. The jury selected the nine best projects to compete in the Archiprix, the leading annual competition for upcoming design talent. During the ceremony, the winners presented their projects in the presence of all (online) attendees.

The nine projects were selected from a total of 42 preselected projects from the academic year 2021-2022. All these projects come from the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture and impressed the jury. After proper jury deliberation, the following nine projects were nominated to represent TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment during the Archiprix Netherlands 2023:

  1. Back to the roots: rethinking Aruba's residential building standard by Yasmijn Quandt
  2. A project of Non-Resistance by Isabella Trabucco
  3. Minas, as in mines: a hauntological approach to the site of disaster by Alina da Porciúncula Paias
  4. Gardens of Dialectics: A story of decay and reconstruction by Jacopo Zani
  5. Musical BinckCross by Shing Yat Tam Samuel
  6. Inward. The silence is within by Anne van den Berg
  7. Panelka Beyond Ideology: In between a remnant of Soviet reality and a catalyst for individuality by Aleksandra Shopova
  8. The Readymade Approach: An Adaptation of Disruptive Artworks to Overseen Structures by Leon Vöckler
  9. Reviving the Rural by Michal Kasperski

An overview of the 42 projects from the preselection can be found here.


The jury consists of: 

  • Dick van Gameren - Dean, Chairman of the Jury
  • MaartenJan Hoekstra - Director of Education
  • Janina Gosseye - Department of Architecture
  • Michela Turrin - Department of Architectural Engineering & Technology
  • Leo van den Burg - Department of Urbanism
  • Marjolein van Eig - Founding Director BureauVanEig
  • Tessa Koening Gimeno - winner Archiprix 2022