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News - 02 February 2022 - Communication BK

Teachers, students and construction practitioners experience a gap between the architect at the desk and the craftsman/woman on the construction site. The novice architect has a great gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge that is applied on the construction site, and therefore finds it difficult to maintain himself in contact with contractors and foremen.

Experience on the construction site ensures that students acquire knowledge. But experiencing the construction site for large groups of students is complicated, especially from an educational and practical point of view. The initiative of the online video platform Bouwflix brings the experience of the construction site to the students. The combination of videos and drawings ensures that the student gets a better idea of the architectural elements that he or she is drawing.

Growing number of videos

With Bouwflix, the practice is brought to the student through videos of various construction projects with the accompanying drawings and information. At the moment there are already several projects on Bouwflix. But just like with 'Netflix', the platform can grow endlessly, with new initiatives and building methods being added frequently. The platform will expand in the near future with new projects and construction methods. This allows students to experience many construction processes as if they were on a construction site visit or doing an internship at the construction site. The project is an example of educational innovation in which students are offered material in a dynamic way.

While much of the video content was created by our own Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences students, the platform itself was developed by a combination of students from Inholland's IT department. Various contractors and architects are also involved in Bouwflix from the professional field. This will provide us with sufficient material in the coming years to fill the platform with interesting projects and new construction methods. With the launch of the website, both students and teachers can now experience the construction site, processes and constructions digitally. The website can be accessed using your NetID. Feel free to take a look around the website and let us know what you think via!

More information

Bouwflix was developed by Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Inholland University of Applied Sciences, with funding from a Comenius fellowship grant. The platform with various videos of construction sites has been set up to reduce the gap between theory and practice in construction.

Time-lapse videos have been made by the TU at a number of Construction Sites in Delft for quite some time now. This resulted in Petra Diesfeldt (Inholland) taking the initiative for Bouwflix two years ago. In addition to Petra Diesfeldt, the project team consists of Thijs Otter (Inholland), Alejandro Prieto Hoces, Martin Sitorus, Pieter Vergeer and Jolien Streng (TU Delft, Architecture, Department AE&T, Chair Design of Construction (DoC)).

Link to the Bouwflix website

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