Digital citizen engagement with heritage – an EHT podcast

News - 16 December 2022 - Communication BK

In an EHT podcast researcher Nan Bai explains how social media can help to understand citizens’ engagement with heritage sites. In response to Bai, Inez Weyermans of the City of Amsterdam’s heritage department, provides her views on dilemmas concerning the appreciation of Amsterdam’s famous Canal ring area.

Citizen engagement with heritage sites is hard to measure. Lengthy surveys or visitors’ feedback take a lot of time to process and interpret. Social media, on the other hand, readily offers thousands of bits and pieces of information on how both visitors and residents feel about their environment. Could these posts be ‘mined’ and interpreted with the help of machine learning, in order to understand people’s interactions, perceptions, and emotions with regard to cultural heritage.

More information

  • Read more about the subject and listen to the podcast here.
  • Nan Bai is doing his PhD in the field of AI at the department AE&T in the TU Delft – UNESCO Chair in Heritage and Values: Heritage and the Reshaping of Urban Conservation for Sustainability of professor Ana Pereira Roders.