Documentary 'Post-Pandemic Public Spaces'

News - 15 June 2022 - Communication BK

After a pandemic year with no public space worldwide, it was time to look further and ask what has changed in public space. Three Honours Programme BSc students who participated in the research group 'The Design of Public Space' made a documentary series. This documentary gives a view into the changes in thinking about design, mobility, inequality, and our behaviour.

It is a time document that will later say that the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated some important transitions in public space, but has also created significant new challenges. The vision of the future of our public space is thematically presented in eight fascinating interviews with Nathalie de Vries, Ton Venhoeven, Ellen van Bueren, Edzo Bindels, Annemieke Fontein, Lior Steinberg, Linda Zuiderwijk and Co Verdaas.

More information

The documentary series can be viewed on YouTube.

The makers are the BSc students Matt van Kessel, Hanlin Stuer and Olivier Wiegerinck and are supervised by Maurice Harteveld of the Urbanism department.

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Header image by: Maurice Harteveld