‘Energy renovations? The relevant legislation could be a bit more binding’

News - 09 November 2022 - Communication BK

Energy uncertainty has increased the interest in energy renovations, notes Professor Henk Visscher. Now we need large-scale implementation. But how is that to be accomplished?

For Professor Henk Visscher, the Sustainable Built Environment conference SBE22 felt like a party. As a TU Delft Professor and the scientific director of the Urban Energy Institute, Visscher knew most of the 160 participants personally. The participants spent three days discussing how to kick-start the renovation wave in north-western Europe. The techniques are there, the gas price is high and its supply uncertain. What more does one need, you might ask. Delta spoke to Henk Visscher when the dust had settled a bit.

“Although energy renovations are not yet widely applied, we do know much better what we want to do and where. And we have a better understanding of the technology. Many subsidies and loans are available as well. But there are still barriers in building capacity; there is a shortage of construction workers, and building materials are expensive and scarce. Those are the big bottlenecks now. And what also holds people back is that the whole process is opaque. The hassle factor.”

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Henk Visscher is Professor Housing Quality and Process Innovation of the MBE department at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and is scientific director of the Urban Energy Institute.