Opening up and open access to DOCOMOMO information

News - 30 March 2022 - Communication BK

Modern buildings that are threatened with demolition or disfigurement are regularly brought to the attention of DOCOMOMO International. In many cases the international DOCOMOMO community plays an important role in the preservation of these threatened buildings. To make the knowledge and information available for everyone, a lot of the material is made available online.

Online open access

With the website DOCOMOMO International has taken a very important step forward in making the large amount of information about Modern Building systematically and openly available. Hundreds of pages with knowledge about the preservation of modern buildings and its materials will be available online. The Technology Dossiers have all been scanned and will thus become available to students, academics, architects, engineers and other interested parties.

In the coming months, the earlier issues of the journals will also be made available; currently, only the most recent issues of the journal (42-65) are available via the website. Apart from making the various DOCOMOMO publications digitally available, DOCOMOMO International will also donate copies of the missing journals and books to the collection of the TU Delft Library during the book party.

Heritage & Architecture

Because of its large international network, DOCOMO International is regularly asked to contribute to research proposals as content and/or dissemination partner. This offers great opportunities for the Heritage & Architecture staff. For example, DOCOMOMO International has become involved as a partner in the Shared Heritage Africa project recently.

More information

The Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment has housed the headquarters of DOCOMO international since January 2022, with Professor of Heritage & Technology, Uta Pottgiesser, as chair and Wido Quist, associate professor in the conservation of buildings and historic building materials is Secretary General.

DOCOMOMO International organises a large international congress every two years. Due to the worldwide covid-19 crisis the congress planned for 2020 in Tokyo took place in 2021 - and online. Currently preparations are being made for the 17th International DOCOMOMO Congress in Valencia.