Planted avenues. On the inseparable relationship between trees and roads

News - 10 March 2022 - Communication BK

Articles regularly appear in the media about citizens protesting against the felling of large numbers of trees along road sites. The reason for felling is often to make the road more safe for traffic, because they stand too close to the road. But that is not the entire story: trees and roads have been inseparably linked for centuries. And these planted avenues can be found everywhere, structuring city and landscapes as green corridors.  

Soon, an (open access) book will be published about the various aspects of this relationship: traffic, cultural history, plant varieties and  ecology, the climatological aspects of tree-lined avenues, as well as aspect in the  field of tree technology and policy. This book wants to provide a well-informed overview on what is important to planted avenues. 


The main goal is to preserve existing planted avenues or to create new and safe planted avenues. In these times of climate change, it is more important than ever to preserve planted avenues or to make new ones in our cultural landscape.

The information in this book deals with different themes to feed a public debate and to value planted avenues. Next to this all kind of technical information is worked out. The chapters are written by scientists, experts, and policy-advisors  who deal with planted avenues daily and explain new knowledge clearly in a series of easy-to-read chapters. 


The book is a cooperation between Delft University of Technology, collaborating in the Centre for Global Heritage and Development and the Tree foundation (Bomenstichting). It serves as a guide for anyone who wants to understand the broader perspective on planted avenues. The book is written for everyone who is involved in and wants to discuss changes in planted avenues. Because sometimes the debate can be heated and this book wants to contribute to a well-informed debate. 

More information

The book 'Bomenlanen. Over de onlosmakelijke relatie tussen bomen en wegen' (Planted Avenues. About the inseparable relationship between trees and roads) is written by Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip, Lotte Dijkstra, Hanna Hirsch, Gerrit-Jan van Prooijen. 

Dr ir Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip is part of the Section for Landscape Architecture of the Urbanism Department and the LDE Centre for Global Heritage & Development. Lotte Dijkstra was a co-worker from the same section. Hanna Hirsch and Gerrit-Jan van Prooijen are part of the Bomenstichting Nederland.

The book will first appear in print on 25 March and will later be available as an open access publication. The book can be ordered at the site of the Bomenstichting