Hans Ramler appointed TU Delft Fellow Construction Technology

News - 31 May 2022 - Webredactie

The Executive Board has appointed Hans Ramler as TU Delft Fellow Construction Technology at the faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG).

The role of TU Delft Fellow is new within TU Delft. TU Delft Fellows are specialists who have their main position elsewhere. Although they do not have a specific academic profile, they can establish strategic connections between the academic world and external partners within their specific field of expertise, thereby contributing important knowledge, experience and networks that have added value to education and research at TU Delft. Hans Ramler is the first person to be appointed to this role; this prestigious position will be reserved to a select number of people.

Hans Ramler studied Civil Engineering at TU Delft in the 1980s. He has been working in the civil engineering industry for more than 30 years at companies such as Ballast Nedam and the Royal BAM Group, where he was Director BAM Infraconsult until 2018. Since then, he has been special consultant for BAM Group's largest and most challenging projects. In this capacity, he regularly collaborates with TU Delft.

For example, working together with colleagues and with Bas Hofland(CEG) and two of his PhD candidates, he improved the theory of wave impact loading and successfully applied it in practice. Also, together with colleagues and with Cees van Rhee and Wim Uijttewaal (both CEG), he developed a model for a wave flume for a particular soil protection construction where no theory was available. This has also been successfully implemented in practice. In addition to his practical knowledge and expertise, Hans Ramler is passionate about knowledge transfer and the education of the next generation of civil engineers.

The Executive Board is pleased with the appointment: “A TU Delft fellow will set partnerships in motion and build bridges at a strategic level. This contributes to strengthening our position among the world's leading universities. We are happy that in Hans Ramler we have found someone who can fulfil this role in the best possible way and who can act as a trailblazer for future fellows,” says Rector Magnificus/President Tim van der Hagen.

Jan Dirk Jansen, dean of the CEG Faculty, is also excited: “We are very pleased that Hans Ramler is to become a TU Delft Fellow of Construction Technology. He is an excellent asset to the faculty and in particular to the Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design department, with his enthusiasm. The construction sector faces great challenges in the areas of structural safety, digitalisation and the replacement challenge of infrastructure in the Netherlands. We are convinced that he will prove to be a valuable and knowledgeable addition to TU Delft as a whole.”

Hans Ramler: “I am very much looking forward to making a positive contribution to knowledge development through education and research for generations to come. My goal is to organise cooperation between four civil parties: clients, contractors, the university and engineering firms, in order to achieve a stronger Dutch civil construction market. Well-functioning networks between all disciplines will support the interaction between education, research and market.”