PATH2ZERO: transition to zero-emission inland shipping

News - 07 July 2022 - Webredactie

NWO has awarded a research grant to a consortium led by Alex Kirichek for the project PATH2ZERO: PAving THe way towards Zero-Emission and RObust inland shipping. PATH2ZERO aims to contribute to the transition to zero-emission inland shipping in cooperation with the inland shipping sector. The consortium of researchers, companies and social organisations will start developing sustainable business models and action perspectives. Partners in the inland navigation chain, such as skippers and shippers, can make use of this.

The research programme should provide insight into what the transition to zero-emission requires from the various partners in the inland shipping chain, such as skippers, shippers and funding institutions. By developing a virtual representation of the inland shipping system, that can be used for assessing the efficiency of zero emission strategies. This digital twin will represent the real system with all relevant components and  will focus on three main aspects: the individual vessels, the logistic chains and the infrastructure. Potential interventions will be considered ranging from the application of new technologies for individual vessels to policy measures for an entire shipping corridor. Future scenarios can be imposed on the digital twin and their efficiency can be evaluated for the right path towards zero emission shipping.

This project was granted within the NWA research programme 'Zero-emission inland shipping', initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) and the top sector for logistics (Dinalog).

More information about the consortium partners and participating knowledge institutions is available on the NWO website.

Alex Kirichek