e-Refinery and VoltaChem (TNO) in the Volkskrant: "Chemical industry without oil, is that possible? In Delft they are working on the green future of Pernis".

News - 03 May 2022

The petrochemical industry in Rotterdam is the breeding ground for Dutch and German industry. But it is polluting and emits a lot of CO2. Here too, electrification is the key to clean and sustainable production. What steps are needed? From idea to industry.

An article by Bard van de Weijer

Chemistry can do without fossil fuels. With the basic components H, N and C, the chemical industry can, in principle, produce the same products as today, such as methanol, ethylene, ammonia and paraffin - but without fossil fuels.

Ruud van Ommen, professor of chemical technology at TU Delft, specialises in reactors that can convert CO2 with the help of electricity into fuels and chemicals. This is done on a small scale in his lab at TU Delft. Together with fellow scientists, Van Ommen is doing fundamental research into how these reactors can be scaled up from lab-scale to industrial giants.