Spring call for proposals

News - 19 April 2022

The ET Lab invites TPM researchers to submit proposals in which urgent, relevant, and/or risky research activities are outlined. These activities will need to have an interdisciplinary and integrative nature and will have to have a short time frame of about three months. The total budget to fund research in this round is 20.000 euro in cash, we expect proposals to ask for an amount between 3.000 and 15.000 euro. We will also fund activities in kind, proposals can ask for research time of half a day up to a full day for a maximum of three months (there is a total budget of 3 days for 3 months). The lab will put in effort to realize granted research time; achieving this will depend on negotiations with the respective department management teams. What exactly the money and time can be spend on is very flexible – as long as it benefits the TPM faculty.

Read more about it in the full call.