Prof. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TU Darmstadt) gives a Cybersecurity Distinguished talk on Secure Federated Learning

News - 01 December 2022 - Communication

Prof. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi from TU Darmstadt, Germany visited TU Delft Cybersecurity group on November 30, 2022, the "International Computer Security Day" and gave a Cybersecurity Distinguished talk on Secure Federated Learning.

Title: "Pushing the Frontiers of Federated Learning: From Security Applications to Mitigation of Poisoning Attack.

Federated Learning (FL) is a collaborative machine learning approach allowing several parties to jointly train a model without the need to share their private local datasets. FL is an enabling technology that can benefit distributed security-critical applications. Recently, FL is shown to be susceptible to poisoning attacks, in which an adversary injects manipulated model updates into the federated model aggregation process to destroy or corrupt the resulting predictions, or implant hidden functionalities (aka backdoors). In this talk, we present our recent research work and experiences, also with industrial partners, concerning both the utilization of FL in large scale security applications as well as building FL systems resilient to poisoning attacks. Finally, we discuss the lessons learned and future research directions.

More than thirty researchers from different departs attended the talk and there were many nice questions after the talk.

We are looking for Ahmad-Reza's next visits at TU Delft and close collaboration!

Prof. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi's: personal page