Echo, the sustainable education building, is almost ready

News - 19 May 2022 - Communication

As of 30 May, students and teachers will be able to make full use of Echo, the brand-new sustainable interfaculty education building at TU Delft. By the time the new academic year rolls around, all the rooms in Echo will be scheduled, and the catering facilities will be fully operational.

A growing number of students in combination with the need for larger but also more flexible teaching spaces has led to the development of a second extra education building: Echo. There will be a total of seven classrooms, which can, for the most part, be divided up with ease. For example, three separate rooms can be made from the largest lecture hall (which houses 700 seats). Group work and self-study are also possible in the more than 300 study spots.

Sustainable building

Echo contributes to TU Delft's ambition to be able to operate in a completely sustainable manner by 2030. It will be an energy-reliant building, including user-related energy (e.g., power consumption for laptops, lighting, and catering). Among other things, solar panels, good insulation, and a heat/cold storage system have been used in the new building. To find out more about what makes Echo sustainable, watch this video.

A sustainable education building also requires sustainable furnishings, and thus, 90% of the furniture sourced for Echo is circular in nature.

Additional facilities

In addition to extra education facilities, the building strives to become an attractive place to meet. Longer opening hours and nice catering facilities with various seating areas will contribute to this. The need for sufficient bicycle parking was also considered, leading to a bicycle basement under Echo with more than 600 spaces.