AE successful in Open Technology Programme and Take-off NWO

News - 05 July 2022

Six technical-scientific research projects can get started with funding from the Open Technology Programme. In addition, 37 entrepreneurial scientists can research or make a step to the market with Take-off grants. Three projects, submitted by Roelof Vos, Julien van Campen and Erwin Mooij, are from Aerospace Engineering.   

Photo: Getty images

Open Technologie for Flying-V

Roelof Vos receives funding to develop an automatic flight control system for the Flying-V from the Open Technology Programme with support from ADSE. This programme provides funding for excellent research, with a view to the possible application of the results. The programme offers companies and other organisations a  way of linking up with scientific research that should lead to applicable knowledge. 

Take-off for composites and avoiding space debris

Julien van Campen and Erwin Mooij receive funding from the Take-off programme for their projects. Together with start-up Laminance, Van Campen is developing a design methodology that makes it possible to produce 'variable stiffness' composites at much lower costs. Mooij and start-up Ecosmic are designing a system that allows satellites to detect and avoid collisions with space debris. With the Take-off grant, academic and innovative start-ups can study the feasibility and commercial application of innovative ideas.  

Read the press release on the NWO website: Funding awarded within the Open Technology Programme and Take-off | NWO