Significant contribution National Growth Fund to sustainable aviation

News - 14 April 2022

Today, the Nationaal Groeifonds announced 383 million would be given towards the future of aviation, of which 119 million euro conditional. The Luchtvaart in Transitie consortium is very pleased with the decision of the Dijsselbloem Committee to (partially) grant our growth fund application.

This grant from the Nationaal Groeifonds contributes to the ambition to achieve a climate-neutral aviation by 2050. With this decision, in line with the coalition agreement, the government underlines the importance and urgency of a sustainable aviation sector, and support the creation of new, future-proof jobs in the process.

β€œIt is important that we seize this opportunity with both hands. Together with the Dutch aviation sector, we are now able to speed up the aviation sector. This is where Royal Schiphol Group, the Netherlands Aerospace Industry) SkyNRG, Royal NLR, and TU Delft are leading the way. By focusing on making aviation more sustainable, we are creating earning capacity for the Netherlands, making the Dutch aviation sector a more favorable working environment and creating a strong, international competitive position. The contributions of all partners in the industry are of great value,” states Aad Veenman, chair of Luchtvaart in Transitie.

The submitted proposal consists of an integrated approach. The majority of this proposal has been honoured by the committee. Next to this, all involved parties are still committed to pursue the ambitions stated in the initial proposal.