Wind energy top scientists together in Delft for TORQUE conference

News - 31 May 2022

From 1 – 3 June 2022 the TU Delft Wind Energy Institute and the European Academy of Wind Energy will organize the prestigious Science of Making Torque from Wind Conference (TORQUE) 2022 in Delft. Leading scientists in wind energy will share the latest insights and ground-breaking research and discuss the grand challenges in wind energy still to tackle. TORQUE is also the venue for this year’s International Small Wind Turbine Contest organized by Hanze University of Applied Sciences.  

Wind energy is a major energy source
The conference comes at the right time: the EU has just increased renewable energy targets so that 45% of all energy should be from renewable sources by 2030. Wind power will play a major role in this transition. The TORQUE conference at TU Delft will bring together over five hundred of the world’s leading wind energy researchers from TU Delft, the Danish Technical University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US as well as from universities such as Cornell, Stanford and Oxford. In 112 keynotes and more than 200 poster presentations and pitches they will present ground-breaking research covering topics such as new ways to design and control wind turbines, new techniques to measure and predict the wind and future wind energy generation technology such as airborne. Their solutions will realise the global ambitions for wind energy as a major energy source and that will help to create jobs, lower electricity bills, mitigate climate change and contribute to energy independence.

International Small Wind Turbine Contest
The Hanze University of Applied Sciences organizes this year’s International Small Wind Turbine Contest at TU Delft. 9 student teams – each around 20 members - from Canada, Poland, Egypt, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands will design small wind turbines and test them in the TU Delft Open Jet Facility. Aim: to get the highest efficiencies. Testing will be done from Monday to Thursday (Wednesday’s and Thursday’s tests will be streamed live for attendants of the conference). Team pitches and the award ceremony will also take place during the TORQUE conference.

Registration and more information
It is still possible to register for TORQUE, both for on campus attendance and for online attendance. Are you interested in the conference, but not able to travel to Delft next week? Why don’t you attend the conference online? More information about the online and the live event, including fees and programme:  

Are you a journalist?
You’re more than welcome to join or contact us for access to the online event. Contact: communication manager Ineke Boneschansker,, +31 (0) 6 140 151 19.