Ini Kong wins the Best Management Paper Award at Digital Government Research conference

News - 24 June 2022 - Webredactie

Ini Kong and co-authors Marijn Janssen and Nitesh Bharosa have received the Best Management Paper Award at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research DG.O22

The paper Challenges in the Transition towards a Quantum-safe Government is the first to systematically explore the challenges that may be encountered and prioritized when transitioning the current Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). In the paper, authors takes an interdisciplinary approach and further discusses socio-technical challenges in the context of the PKI system in the Dutch government, also known as PKIoverheid. 

As the pace of quantum research continues to accelerate, the development of quantum computer has the potential to introduce new security threats to the PKI. For public organizations, this may mean that a secure identification scheme is no longer trusted to provide digital public services and communications. The paper presents a call to action for policymakers to prepare for these challenges and take part in becoming quantum-safe.

Under the supervision of Marijn Janssen and Nitesh Bharosa, Ini Kong is working on her PhD research at the Department of Engineering Systems and Services. Her PhD research is part of a larger project called HAPKIDO.

About HAPKIDO Project

The HAPKIDO project stands for Hybrid Approach for quantum-safe Public Key Infrastructure Development for Organizations. The project is a five-year initiative that aims to develop a roadmap for the organizations to transition toward quantum-safe Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs). It will deliver sector-based plans towards QS PKIs, including hybrid PKIs that demonstrate how QS solutions will work with existing infrastructures, and governance models that guide organizations towards a QS future. Source: TNO

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