Member of Parliament Lisa van Ginneken proposes to experiment with the use of PVE in MIRT projects

News - 11 September 2022 - Webredactie

During the House of Representatives debate on the Multi-Year Program for Space, Infrastructure and Transport (in dutch MIRT), Member of Parliament Lisa van Ginneken suggested experimenting with the use of PVE in the evaluation of MIRT projects. Minister Harbers promised to come back to this in the autumn.

The PVE provides additional information because the effects of infrastructure policy are valued from a different perspective than in the SCBA. The SCBA looks at how the Dutch value the effects of infrastructure policy in their consumer choices. For example, how do they value travel time gains and costs when making choices as a motorist? How do they rate noise nuisance when buying a house? In the PVE we value the effects of government policy by asking citizens how they think the government should value effects in relation to each other. Research shows that people as consumers and citizens have completely different preferences and that infrastructure projects score differently in a PVE or a CBA.

Secondly, a PWE can have added value in debates about strategic choices regarding infrastructure policy. In a PVE, citizens can think about what they think the mobility system of the future should look like, which values ​​should be embedded in it and which projects are appropriate. This can serve as a basis for a strategic dialogue between MPs.


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