TU Delft Lustrum: Speeding up the energy transition

News - 11 January 2022 - Webredactie

On Friday, 14 January, we will celebrate TU Delft's 180th anniversary. From that day onwards, everyone can participate in a 180-day lustrum programme entirely dedicated to the energy transition. A number of TPM scientists is closely involved in the organisation of the lustrum. Kornelis Blok is chairman of the lustrum committee and Gerdien de Vries and Andrea Ramirez Ramirez are members of the Energy Accelerator Team.

Energy Accelerator Team

At the Dies Natalis, TU Delft is introducing the Energy Accelerator Team: a multidisciplinary team of ten talented Delft energy scientists. They will identify and drive TU Delft's impact on the energy transition and its intended acceleration. The Energy Accelerator Team will propagate our active role in the energy transition and take the lead therein within the university. Read more about the research of accelerators Andrea Ramirez Ramirez and Gerdien de Vries and about Kornelis Blok's vision on energy transition in the Delft Outlook magazine (on p. 10, 11 and 19). 

Watch the Dies Natalis online

Would you like to watch the Dies Natalis online on 14 January? Sign up here. The programme starts at 16.00 hrs.

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