Amerens Bekkers joined ImPhys as MSc student

News - 15 February 2022 - Communication ImPhys

Amerens recently started her graduation project for the MSc Biomedical Engineering, track Medical Physics. She will focus on the image reconstruction and processing of intravascular ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging to improve lipid detection in atherosclerotic coronary arteries and will be supervised by Rik Vos.

After her BSc in Clinical Technology at the TU Delft, she decided to focus more on the technical side of healthcare. Medical Imaging always had her interest due to the large impact it already has in the clinical practice, but also because its added value will even increase further due to the large possibilities in technological advancements.

She will execute her graduation project at Kaminari Medical (situated in the Erasmus MC) under supervision of Rik Vos.

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