IM Claire Wyman

News - 14 March 2022 - Communication TNW

With deep regret we announce the passing away of Prof.dr. Claire Wyman, founder and long-term director of the Nanobiology programme, on Thursday March 10. Claire has been ill for some time. Her passing affects us immensely. 

Claire was Professor of Molecular Radiobiology at the Departments of Radiotherapy and Molecular Genetics at Erasmus MC, Medical Delta Professor and Program Director of Nanobiology. She joined the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics at the Erasmus Medical Centre in 1996.  Her research applied novel microscopy and molecular manipulation techniques to understanding complex genome transactions. In 2005 she joined the Department of Radiation Oncology as Professor of Molecular Radiation Biology. Claire was an affiliated professor at Bionanoscience at TU Delft. Claire’s work highlights the importance of fundamental research to produce new knowledge needed to address challenges in medical care.

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