MIMOSA project develops a multi-recycling strategy for spent nuclear fuels

News - 18 October 2022 - Communication TNW

Anna Smith, Martin Rohde and Danny Lathouwers from TU Delft Reactor Institute take part in the MIMOSA project that will develop a multi-recycling strategy for spent nuclear fuels from light water reactors based on molten salt technologies.

The MIMOSA project (MultI-recycling strategies of light water reactors focusing on MOlten SAlt technology), launched in June 2022 and funded by the Euratom Research and Training Programme, will devise and demonstrate an integrated multi-recycling strategy of plutonium and uranium. The project combines multi-recycling options in light water reactors with recycling plutonium and other transuranics (today considered as waste) in fast molten salt reactors using chloride salt. 

The work at TU Delft will focus on fuel cycle analyses, multiphysics analyses of the reactor and the study of corrosion and damage to structural materials, where the latter study will be performed in collaboration with Yaiza Gonzalez Garcia and Erik Offerman from TU Delft Mechanical Engineering.
Read the MIMOSA project launch press release here