Optimal transfer functions for bandwidth-limited imaging

News - 05 April 2022 - Communication ImPhys

A paper is out in Physical Review Research by a collaboration between Sjoerd Stallinga and researchers in Grenoble and Gottingen on the question what the best possible transfer function is for a band-limited imaging system such as fluorescence based microscopes. 

A simple recipe is given to compute this ideal transfer function from a given support in Fourier space based on the requirements of positivity for the resulting point spread function and of a maximum average transfer across the support, and applied to a modalities such as image scanning microscopy and rescan confocal microscopy.


Optimal transfer functions for bandwidth-limited imaging
Sjoerd Stallinga, Niels Radmacher, Antoine Delon, and Jörg Enderlein

Phys. Rev. Research 4, 023003 – Published 1 April 2022

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