Zwaartekracht funding for living cells consortium

News - 03 May 2022 - Communication TNW

The ministry of Education, Culture and Science has awarded a Zwaartekracht funding of 20.8 million euro to the IMAGINE! consortium. TU Delft researchers Elizabeth Carroll, Sjoerd Stallinga (both ImPhys) and Carlas Smith (3mE) are a part of this Zwaartekracht consortium. The funding is intended for consortia of scientists that carry out innovative and influential research, with the aim to promote breakthroughs at an international level.

From left to right: IMAGINE! Researchers Elizabeth Carroll, Sjoerd Stallinga and Carlas Smith

The IMAGINE! (Innovative Microscopy And Guidance of cells In their Native Environment) research program focuses on observing and controlling the cells in our tissues. The three co-applicants from TU Delft will contribute to the 10-year program by developing new types of microscopes, in order to bridge the gap between cell biology and the physiology of tissue. They will also develop smarter forms of microscopy that use light not only for taking pictures, but also to actively steer the development of the living cells under study using a technique called optogenetics.

Apart from the TU Delft researchers, the consortium consists of lead investigators Anna Akhmanova and Lukas Kapitein (UU), Peter Friedl (Radboudumc), Jacco van Rheenen (NKI), Madelon Maurice (UMC Utrecht) and Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute).

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Elizabeth Carroll

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