Zwaartekracht funding for quantum materials consortium

News - 03 May 2022 - Communication TNW

The ministry of Education, Culture and Science has awarded a Zwaartekracht funding of 21.5 million euro to the consortium QuMAT. TU Delft researcher Kobus Kuipers (Quantum Nanoscience) is one of the lead applicants of this Zwaartekracht consortium. The funding is intended for consortia of scientists that carry out innovative and influential research, with the aim to promote breakthroughs at an international level.

Kobus Kuipers is one of the lead applicants of the QuMAT consortium

Goal of the research program is to develop new quantum materials, in order to improve both classical and quantum computers. It is particularly relevant to lower the energy consumption of data processing and hence also of the internet. Quantum materials is one of the three topics within Quantum Nanoscience that were chosen as research topics for the future.

Apart from Kobus Kuipers, the lead applicants are Daniel Vanmaekelbergh and Cristiane Morais Smith (UU), Mikhail Katsnelson and Alexey Kimel (RU), Bart van Wees (RUG) and Ageeth Bol (TU/e).

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