Jasper Peterich | New director Delft University Fund and Alumni Relations

News - 11 April 2022

On February 15th Jasper Peterich became the new executive director of Delft University Fund and Alumni Relations. Every morning he takes the train from Amsterdam to Delft. ‘How early’, Jasper thinks when he hears the alarm clock go off around 6:30. But immediately afterwards his energy starts to flow. He is looking forward to a new day. "This really is the honeymoon period. People are nice and happy that you're here. You learn an awful lot."

The new director has spent the past few weeks getting to know TU Delft by talking to many people; from deans and alumni to team members, students, donors and professors. From those conversations, he has three observations. "All faculties are different and therefore have different needs regarding Delft University Fund and Alumni Relations. In addition, the fund still has some PR work to do. The awareness of our work. the opportunities we offer, can be much higher. Thirdly, it is striking that a university works mainly bottom up. So imposing top-down plans makes no sense; you have to look for support and collaboration."

The fund was established in 1925 to help students and make the university better. The University Fund contributes to TU Delft's mission to make an impact for a better society and encourages pioneering research, education, talent development and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the fund provides a platform for alumni to continuously develop themselves. For example, through contacts with other alumni, knowledge sessions and events. All under the motto 'TU Delft for Life'.

Crucial role for alumni

Peterich is getting a better picture of the organization and what is needed for the long term. "I can see that people are working hard and that there are great plans. The University Fund builds a bridge between TU Delft and its alumni. We can contribute to the realization of the goals of TU Delft thanks to money from donors, which are mostly alumni. The involvement of alumni is crucial. We have a challenging role to play here in getting alumni involved and keeping them involved. The ultimate goal is that they give their time, knowledge, network or a nice amount to the TU. Fortunately, we have a common denominator: the love of technology and knowledge."

A better society

In his role at the fund, Jasper contributes to a better society. Privately, he is also committed to this. He has always done board work and likes to engage in discussions with people about issues that matter. "Just by being there, we are incredibly polluting and hurting the earth. I think giving a tenner every month is too easy and I also think you should spend your time and energy. In my spare time I am the director of a forestry company on the Veluwe. There we try to be very consciously compliant with the government's ideas on nature conservation and to play a role in it ourselves."

Accelerate and innovate

When asked which current project at TU Delft makes Peterich's heart beat faster, his answer is very resolute "Anything that has to do with the energy transition is something I find very urgent and interesting. You can see that you are in the right place in Delft, that is what the TU is all about. The way in which students and scientists are speeding up the energy transition and are innovating is what moves me. I'm incredibly excited to contribute to that and would like to invite everyone to engage with me or colleagues from the fund to explore joint opportunities."

The common thread in the career of Jasper Peterich (born 1966) is connecting people. Quite literally in the late 1990s and early this century with his work for his own company in the telecom industry. More figuratively as an investor, banker and headhunter in his later work. Both professionally and privately, Jasper has extensive experience in fundraising. His position at the University Fund brings together many different experiences from his career.