Royal Academy selects 22 new members

News - 12 May 2022 - Webredactie Communication

The KNAW has selected 22 new members, two of whom are from TU Delft. The KNAW members, leading scientists from all disciplines, are chosen based on their scientific achievements.

Paulien Herder (1971)

Professor of Engineering Systems Design, Delft University of Technology
Paulien Herder's merits lie at the interface of engineering sciences and research into the socio-economic impact of technology and policy for responsible and efficient implementation. She has an excellent scientific reputation, including a significant contribution to socio-technical knowledge on the development and integration of energy infrastructures and large-scale energy storage. In addition, Herder has a great talent for connecting people from different backgrounds – both disciplinary and social – and inspiring them to work together successfully. For example, she is Captain of Science of the Top Sector Energy and is a board member of the growth fund programme GroenvermogenNL, the largest innovation programme ever in the Netherlands for sustainable hydrogen and chemicals.

Stephanie Wehner (1977)

Professor of Quantum Information, Delft University of Technology
Stephanie Wehner started out as a hacker, and now occupies a world-leading position with her pioneering research and inspiring vision of a future quantum internet. This type of internet uses quantum effects such as entanglement and non-local interactions to bring about new, secure and rapid forms of communication. By linking disciplines such as fundamental physics and computer science, Wehner has reshaped the field of quantum information. She leads European research on a quantum internet, initiated a successful interdisciplinary conference and set up an interdisciplinary education programme. Wehner disseminates her vision enthusiastically via (TEDx) lectures and interviews with international media.

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