Coronavirus update: Cafe X reopens and events, competitions and matches now also allowed

News - 26 January 2022 - Communication

The further easing of restrictions announced in the press conference of Tuesday 25 January means that X can now increase its offer. This means that from today, we can once more warmly welcome you to Cafe X! In addition, X is able to host events and the competitions and matches can start up again. There are of course still restrictions and safety measures, but in principle all X activities can be restarted, so we are very happy!

From today, Cafe X will again be open every day! You must still comply with the safety measures: you must be seated at a table and maintain 1.5 meters social distancing even when seated, and wear a face mask when moving around. We also ask you to leave Cafe X before 22:00. Despite these restrictions, Cafe X is a great place to meet up with friends at last and to eat out.

Now that Cafe X has reopened, the takeaway facility in the Concept Store is closed. But don't worry: you can still get takeaway meals at Cafe X. And the Concept Store will continue to serve takeaway snacks such as freshly made filled rolls and tea and coffee.

Competitions and matches
Sports associations can start their competitions and matches once more! Check with your association when they will be starting. And spectators are now allowed until 22:00. We do however ask all associations to limit the number of spectators where possible, as there is limited space and we want to avoid any crowding during matches.

Safety measures
The policy at X concerning the COVID certificate remains unchanged. If you wish to enter X, you must show your COVID certificate and identity at the main entrance. This also applies to tennis in the balloon hall. If you are only using the outdoor facilities at X, this will not be necessary. In that case, you do not need to queue at the main entrance, but can gain access around the back via gate near the tennis courts.

You should also maintain 1.5 meters social distancing and wear a face mask indoors. You can find these and other safety measures on our website.

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