Each Tuesday: weekly share & care about the situation in Ukraine

News - 18 March 2022 - Communication

On 25 February, we had a first meaningful session, where we shared our fears and worries caused by the war in Ukraine. We have decided to follow up and host weekly meetings for the nearby future. You can come by and just share thoughts, worries, inspirations and ambitions.

The weekly share & care are hosted alternated by Shamagi Kooistra and Dayenne Sanders, two of our beloved X teachers. The meetups will take place on Tuesdays at 20:00 at the Living Room at X.

The conversations
We can imagine that the Ukrainian situation still occupies your mind and there is a desire to share thoughts. In addition, any subject can be brought into the conversation by anyone at any time.

The hosts are there to make sure that the environment stays and feels safe, to answer questions, perhaps help to get the conversation going, write down suggestions done by participants. The host will leave at 21:00, but of course, you are welcome to hang out more after.

There is no registration necessary and no obligations with regards to how often you attend these meetings.

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