Reopening kitchen

News - 07 June 2022 - Communication

Culinary news: kitchen open again from 7 June!

Are you a cook, do you like to join meals or do you like take-away food? Good news for the first two categories: the kitchen in Freetown is finally available again and from 7 June can be reserved for your own use.

Reservation is a must
After some maintenance work, the kitchen is ready and steady again for simmering curry in the pans and delicious apple pie in the oven. There are three kitchen islands you can reserve for your cooking skills and for organizing culinary events. You can reserve 1 cooking island with a maximum of 8 people for 2 hours (cleaning included).
New working method
In order to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible, we have chosen to work with a modified reservation process and a crate system. This allows us to keep the necessary cooking utensils and crockery together and stimulates the cleaning part which is inextricably linked to being the boss in your own kitchen. 

Co-creation and rental
Do you, as a student, have a cool concept for a culinary event in collaboration with X? Share your idea, we are always open to co-creation! Do you have big plans for your own event? Contact our Rental colleagues to explore the options.

And remember: if you think it's more important who you eat with and not what (category joiner), it is advisable to inform your culinary friends about this good news. 

You can find more information about the reservation procedure here.

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