Enrolment for new courses start tomorrow!

News - 15 November 2022 - Communication

Enrolment for the new courses starts tomorrow from 08:00! Read here from what time you can register for your favourite course and how enrolment works.

Below, you can see from what time registration for your favourite course opens on Wednesday 16 November:

  • 08.00 | Courses with start date Monday 21 November
  • 10:00 | Courses with start date Tuesday 22 November
  • 12:00 | Courses with start date Wednesday 23 November
  • 14:00 | Courses with start date Thursday 24 November
  • 16:00 | Courses with start date Friday 25 to Sunday 27 November

How do I enrol?
You can enrol for the new courses via our webshop. You get to the webshop through two possible ways:
1. On the website, go to the page of the course you want to take (via the menu Overview A-Z) and register.
2. Go directly to the webshop and view the entire list of courses via Shop > Courses & Events. Click on your favourite course and enrol!

Closing date for enrolment
Enrolment closes on 25 November at 16.00.

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