Launch Climate Safety and Security Centre

News - 06 September 2023

Considering geopolitical tensions and power shifts, there is an increasing need for better understanding climate safety and security. In this context, TU Delft expertise in design, engineering and science is both relevant and necessary. For that reason, the Executive Board of TU Delft has decided to launch the Climate Safety & Security Centre (CASS) in mid-March, which is the first research initiative of TU Delft | The Hague. CASS offers early-career researchers (assistant professors, postdocs and PhD candidates) from multiple faculties the opportunity to work on this pressing issue from an integral perspective. They will investigate how water, food, energy and materials security can be warranted, against the backdrop of liveable environment and human security. 
Prof. Behnam Taebi, figurehead of the TU Delft | The Hague: "We are very proud to launch CASS with broad support from the faculties. It offers an opportunity for our young researchers to carry out inter- and transdisciplinary research together with relevant societal partners, on global challenges that affect us all.”