Seed fund grants for 9 TU Delft climate scientists

News - 15 May 2023

Twice per year this call is open to proposals for research and education projects related to the TU Delft Climate Action Programme, its themes (science, mitigation, adaptation, governance) and/or its flagship projects. Proposals from all fields of knowledge are welcome, as well as interdisciplinary proposals. Proposals can be funded up to EUR 30,000

The winners of April 2023 are from the faculties CEG, 3ME and TPM:

• Holger Ceasar (3ME): Sustainable transportation planning via bicycle-based data collection
• Johan Ninan (CET): Transdisciplinary Interventions for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Renewal (TICK)
• Mariana Propescu (CEG) : Structural reuse by design - a case study on reusing wind turbine blades for building applications
• Isabelle Steinke (CEG): Building a cloud simulator to test new materials for targeted cloud-based climate engineering
• Bert Wouters (CEG): Sustainable transportation planning via bicycle-based data collection
• Laura van Dijke (CEG): Solar Radiation Management through Arctic Ice Thickening
• Pedro Costa (3ME): TUDFlow – The Fluid Dynamics of our Campus
• Lisa Scholten (TPM): Evaluating an educational serious game to engage urban residents in behaviour change for large scale climate action
• Arjen Droste (CEG): CampuSense (contributing to Delft Meet Klimaat)

Go to this page if you want to know more about their proposals