Exploring the World of Radio Communication with Open Hardware

News - 30 May 2023

The open hardware community recently organized a workshop on software-defined radio (SDR), where participants had the opportunity to learn about radio communication, decode remote control signals, and even identify airplanes flying overhead. The workshop covered a range of topics, from the basics of radio and antennas to more advanced concepts such as modulation and SDR. 

The workshop was initiated by one of the community members, and it was a great success, with a large turnout and plenty of enthusiasm from everyone involved. The presenter, Andela, gave a fascinating presentation that included Soviet-style radios as well as the latest technology in SDR.

During the workshop, participants had the chance to experiment with different radio frequencies and learn about the various ways in which radio signals can be modulated. They also had the opportunity to try decoding remote control signals and to pick up data and audio from actual radio waves.

One of the most exciting parts of the workshop was the hands-on component, where participants were able to use their SDR modules to pick up data from airplanes flying overhead. This was a great example of how SDR can be used in practical applications, and it gave everyone a taste of the possibilities that open hardware and software can provide.

Overall, the workshop was a great success, and it was a testament to the power of open hardware and software in enabling people to explore and experiment with new technologies. We look forward to seeing more events like this in the future!